If I use pure Create React Application (without dotnet), then I can open the react application in two ways (after yarn start):

  • https://localhost:3000/
  • https://localhost:3000/index.html

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But if I use Dotnet React Template, then there is only one way I can open the application (when I add index.html, I only see the dotnet part of the app, but not react) after dotnet run:

  • https://localhost:5001/
  • https://localhost:5001/index.html

enter image description here enter image description here

I would like to find a way to use index.html here as well.

Why am I asking. I recently tried adding my site as a Bookmark to iPhone's Home Screen.

It turned out that this doesn't just work as a link, but iOS now interprets those sites as Progressive Web Application. That is, additional requirements are imposed on the site. And one of them is having a working index.html.

This is why I would like my Dotnet React application to work properly with /index.html

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Go get ClientApp/src/App.js and change the first route to below.

<Route exact path={['/', '/index.html']} component={Home} />

Right answer from M. Erim Tuzcuoglu and we can just do it like this:

    <Redirect exact from='/index.html' to='/' />
    <Route exact path='/'... />

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