I am new to jhipster and trying to import an existing project. When I am creating an entity with just 2 fields and no foreign key mapping at all, I get this exception :

ERROR! Error looking for otherEntity Authority at ~(Table Names)

The authority is missing in .jhipster folder and I cannot create an Authority entity because I get this : ERROR! Is not possible to override built in Authority

Application is build on springboot.

"jhipsterVersion": "7.1.0", "applicationType": "monolith",

Will appreciate any help on this one. Thanks

  • Please show your JDL. Of course you cannot name an entity Authority this is reserved by Jhipster, same for User – Gaël Marziou Jul 17 at 22:18
  • Also, check the files inside the .jhipster directory, you probably have an entity referencing Authority. – Uyric 2 days ago

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