I am new in Coq. I am trying to prove lemma related to list_max l. Therefore I am looking for questions asked by people related to this. I have seen few questions which have not been answered completely. It means some friends give hint only. If I need their proof may I ask question again? Some one has asked question and in response get two suggested lemmas. Lemma 1,list_max l=0 is not new for me,but second lemma is very interesting. May I ask about its detail and its use in required lemma? forall (l : list nat), l<>nil->list_max=0 ->g_fun=0.


If you are going to ask a question, you should ask your actual Coq question instead of this meta-question about whether it is ok to ask a question. See here for guidelines about which questions are ok.

So a better formulation would have been something along the lines of "I want to do X, I have tried Y and it didn't work for reason Z. I have also searched Stack Overflow for related questions and found W, but I couldn't use it in my case due to A, B, and C, or because I didn't fully understand fact D."

You can also use other platforms that are optimized for conversation instead of the one-question/one-answer format of Stack Overflow. For Coq, I recommend the zulip chat.

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