I'm troubling with my other account I can't open it anymore since it needed 8 digit code was sent to my mail, I wanted to add another email cuz I can't receive messages from my old mail so I tried to add another email to my fb acc but the thing is instead of fixing my problem by changing to new email it gets worst cuz after adding another email it leads me to verification yet I checked yahoo mail tryin to get the code but no code cuz facebook app/web says it has a problem sending the message and if I click the "confirm in another way" it'll repeat to the email send code, there's no other option given to fix my problem. So help me out, this is frustrating cuz facebook is always asking identity verification tho it was just a small move/fix on your account! Very hassle. I really need that facebook cuz all of my school related was connected to it. I'm just hoping to change the email but I can't cuz of VERIFICATION code! Please help me.

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