I'm rendering a Vue component to HTML and it is expected that the DOM rendering/hydration doesn't completely match the HTML rendered version.

How can I supress the hydration mismatch warning?

In React there is https://reactjs.org/docs/dom-elements.html#suppresshydrationwarning (Is there any way to avoid "Text content did not match" warning in SSR with React?) — is there a Vue counterpart to this?

Context: I'm the author of vite-plugin-ssr and some of my users need that.

  • All the warnings/errors seem to come from this file github.com/vuejs/vue-next/blob/… with no options to supress the warnings.
    – brillout
    Nov 19 at 7:31
  • Not sure if it's somehow helpful but you could maybe look at this question (related to Nuxt): stackoverflow.com/q/47862591/8816585 To not find a solution to suppress the actual warning but to spot and avoid it.
    – kissu
    Nov 19 at 12:32
  • On top of that, it seems (from the code) those warnings are only raised in DEV env... Nov 23 at 8:28

I wish that I can help by commenting on your post instead of posting answers. But you can give this a try:

There is no direct equivalent to React's react-dom/suppressHydrationWarning in Vue, but you can suppress the warning message in a few ways:

By setting the warning option to false in the Vue component:

    <p v-warning="false">This will not generate a warning</p>

By setting the global Vue.config. warning option to false :

Vue.config.warning = false

By setting the environment variable VUE_WARNING_DISABLE to true :


Or by using the vue-cli-plugin-suppress-warnings plugin.


I don't know if there is a Vue counterpart to suppressHydrationWarning but one thing you may try is to manually remove the DOM content before you hydrate.

const rootId = 'app'
const root = document.getElementById(vueRootId)
root.innerHTML = ''
// Your hydration code
// ...

See Remove all child elements of a DOM node in JavaScript for alternative ways to remove the childs of a DOM element.

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