I downloaded some json files from Facebook and Instagram, most of them are about chatting records.

I found that every non-english characters is formed of something like this "\00HH". (ex: \u00e6\u00bb\u00b4\u00e5\u0085\u0092).

After some research, I figured out that this is just utf-8 code and decoded all of them, but I am still curious about why Facebook or Instagram didn't decode this for the users?? It seems that Facebook intends to do that??(but I can't find a reason)

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  • The JSON files were generated incorrectly. The strings represent Unicode code points as escape codes, but are UTF-8 data decoded as Latin1. For example, the example data if loaded with a JSON library, encoded with Latin1 (to undo the error) and decoded with UTF-8 produces滴兒. You should show the code that produces this data, in case it is your download method that is the source of the error. – Mark Tolonen Jul 20 at 3:44

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