We're developing a game with Unity 2019.4.28f1 (XCode 12.4). I've upgraded Facebook to the latest sdk (11.0.0). Trying to build iOS, XCode gives me a strange error:

"Swift Compiler error -- Header 'FBSDKCoreKit-Swift.h' not found

Here's a screen.

enter image description here

Have you ever seen this before? I have tried to search about it but this module is not mentioned anywhere.

Thanks for help.

  • Did you make pod update ? – zeytin Jul 20 at 8:21
  • Does this answer your question? Cannot find module FBSDKCoreKit Cocoapods – El Tomato Jul 20 at 8:22
  • @zeytin: Ops, I forgot to write it above: yes, I did. In the screenshot you can also see the content of the the Podfile. – erre Jul 20 at 8:52
  • @ElTomato: I tried to follow the thread but it does not work for me – erre Jul 20 at 9:41

search in FBSDKLoginKit.framework, can you find the header file FBSDKLoginKit-Swift.h?

  • No, -Swift is not present in FBSDKLoginKit and FBSDKLoginKit frameworks. – erre Jul 20 at 9:38
  • What I mean is that you need to compile FBSDKLoginKit.framework first. After the compilation is completed, there will be a file FBSDKLoginKit-Swift.h in FBSDKLoginKit.framework. If there is no need to check the compilation problem – M_JSL Jul 20 at 9:49

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