I implement sharing on facebook in my android app and according to facebook share sdk for android there is no option to share a link that will look like this :

enter image description here

As I dived into the docs - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/webmasters/ I see that there is only option to add these metadatas that will eventually show the link as the above only from facebook javascript sdk ? how can I make the link that I share from the android app also appear like that ? If my app uses firebase and cloud functions with Node.js, can I somehow make a function that will work it out ?

Thanks in advance

  • No, you can not add this meta data dynamically via the JS SDK any more either. The possibility to overwrite the OG meta information at the time of sharing has been completely removed (with the single exception of making posts on pages via API, then it works for domains the page has previously claimed ownership for), because it caused too much trouble (people posting an article from a renowned source, but “faking” the title/description/thumbnail while doing so, etc.) – CBroe Jul 20 at 13:09

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