I have a list of object which I have bound, using LiveBindings, to a TListView

Then I have a form for editing an object, in the list. That works just fine

Here is my source for the Create Adapter Event

procedure TFormMain.PrototypeBindSource1CreateAdapter(Sender: TObject; var ABindSourceAdapter: TBindSourceAdapter);
  FPersons := NewRequest('https://localhost:44303/Contact').ObjectContainer(FContainer).BasicAuthenticator('test', 'test').GET.AsType<TPersons>;
  ABindSourceAdapter := TListBindSourceAdapter<TPersonDTO>.Create(Self, FPersons.Items, False);
  AdapterBindSource1.Adapter := ABindSourceAdapter;
  PrototypeBindSource1.Active := True;

When I close my Editor form I would like the new data to be visible on the screen right away

I've tried refreshing my TPrototypeBindSource :

  PrototypeBindSource1.Active := False;
  PrototypeBindSource1.Active := True;

But that gives me an AV.

So in short how do I refresh the screen with the new data?

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