I have some dynamic links to a facebook business page. So if my site is browsed on iOS, the fb href is in the form:


If it's browsed on Android device it's:


If it's not browsed on either then the link is just standard https://

Both of the iOS and Android links work great and direct me to the business page if the FB app is installed on the user's device and not already open.

If the FB app is already open, on some random page or comments thread etc. then it shows the app, but doesn't redirect the fb app to the business page in question. It just stays on that already-open page.

Is there a way around this?? I googled this subject as a newbie to Android and iOS linking, expecting there to be a straight-forward answer but all I find is really old discussions on how to open links in the FB app and can't find this specific issue anywhere else.

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