I have stored my column as a JSON object in my DynamoDB table.

receiver:[{id: 'r1', name: 'a'},{id: 'r2', name: 'b'},{id: 'r3', name: 'c'},]

I want to get the item if r1 is a receiver.

I tried using the FilterExpression receiver[0].id = 'r1' and it did return the item. However, what if the index of r1 was not at 0? How would i be able to map through the object?


DynamoDB is not great for search, especially within complex attribute types like lists or maps. While useful, these complex attribute types are not well suited for search.

One place where they can be useful is if you have known keys. For example, imaging an attribute named phone_numbers that stores home, work and cell phone numbers:

  home: "(555) 123-4567"},
  work: "(555) 246-8910"},
  cell: "(123) 345-1231"}

Storing your data in this way allows you to fetch a users home/work/cell phone number. However, it does not support searching for phone numbers by area code.

If you need to search the data stored in your complex attribute, you'll need to get the data in a more useful format (e.g. in it's own attribute). Better yet, incorporate it into your primary key!

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