I'm building a website using vue.js 3 and I want to use server-side rendering. I want to also be able to pass data from my fastify (or express) server to vue.js 3. Is there any way I can do this (I have seen something called express-vue: github link but it is for vue 2 and isn't official so I don't know if it is good or not)? And also can you include client side hydration because I have seen examples like https://github.com/moduslabs/vue3-example-ssr but it doesn't include client-side hydration and If this is not possible I will just use ejs but I would prefer vue 3. Could you please give me an example or template I cloud use? Thank you in advance!


You can pass in a context object into renderToString

const context = { data: 'Hello world' } // Data you want to share
const html = renderToString(App, context)

This object can be accessed in Vue components using useSSRContext

setup() {
    if (typeof window === 'undefined') {
        const context = useSSRContext()
        console.log(context.data) // Hello world

Unlike Vue 2 where you need to add data-server-rendered="true" to your <div id="app">, client side hydration happens automatically in Vue 3 when you use createSSRApp instead of createApp on the browser.

To pass the object in the browser, you need to write it to a window variable in your <head> when returning the result from the server

const html = renderToString(App, context)

        <script>window.context = ${JSON.stringify(JSON.stringify(context))}</script>
        <body><div id="app">${html}</div></body>
        <script src="main.js"></script>

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