Any help or help would be greatly appreciated it!! I am running on Redhat Enterprise 7.3 I ran the following: $usermod -aG wheel jadeite1000

My userid is: jadeite1000 cd /opt/mqm/bin I ran this command to tried to create queue "TESTQM" but get error:

$sudo crtmqm TESTQM

error: AM17877E: You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.

  • what is the output of "ls -la /bin/crtmqm"? My guess is that the user you are trying to execute the command with does not have execute rights on that binary – meaningqo Jul 21 at 5:56
  • just do sudo crtmqm TESTQM. If don't have a sudo access, please follow stackoverflow.com/questions/11094826/… – Minu Jul 21 at 5:57
  • I believe you need to be in the mqm group. Can you try that? – Morag Hughson Jul 21 at 9:43

This is most likely due to the user used to issue the crtmqm command not being in the mqm group. See the article here https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/ibm-mq/9.2?topic=objects-authority-administer-mq-aix-linux-windows

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