What would be the easiest way to share data between two processes one in c# and the other in Javascript (separated application). Another issue is that for Javascript I cannot add additional libraries.

  • Building a Web API is a very flexible way to share data with all kind of applications Jul 21 at 8:31
  • An easy way is grpc grpc.io
    – Tracer69
    Jul 21 at 8:32
  • JS apps often use WebSockets to connect to other applications - that's a third choice for you
    – Martin
    Jul 21 at 8:32
  • What kind of communication do you need? Simple message passing? Or more sophisticated orchestration? Jul 21 at 8:33
  • @SerejaBogolubov Simple data passing
    – Darqer
    Jul 21 at 8:36

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