I created a python script to do an incremental backup strategy on seven days whith a full backup on Sunday, using the command : tar

I have no probleme to generate my differents backups. However, I've got an issue during trying to restore an incremental backup with this message error :

tar: Cannot rename `./path1' to `./path2': No such file or directory
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

My backups strategy run for a jenkins service.

Do you why I've got this error message which stop my restore. And do you know how to fix it

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The short answer is: DO NOT use GNU's tar for incremental backups.

The long answer is, - there is pretty old bug that won't allows to restore incremental archives reliably. The bug still exists and reported multiple times since 2004.


stackexchange 01,stackexchange 02,


GNU 01, GNU 02, GNU 03,


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