I created wordpress dashboard widget to show feed from another site I run. I would like to order it by modified date as appose to published date. As I can imagine this might not be possible, can i at least then display the modified date? Thank you

function dashboard_custom_feed_changelog() {
    $feeds = array(
          'url' => 'https://website.com/tag/changelog/feed/',
          'title' => 'Feed Title',
          'items' => 20,
          'show_summary' => 1,
          'show_author' => 0,
          'show_date' => 1,
          'orderby' => 'post_modified' 
    wp_dashboard_primary_output( 'dw_dashboard_widget_onion', $feeds );
    $buffer = ob_get_clean(); 

    $result = str_replace("<a class='rsswidget'",
                          "<a class='rsswidget' target='_blank'", $buffer);
    echo $result;

add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'wpc_dashboard_widgets'); ````

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