I've been using the Facebook API to post automatic updates on one of the pages I own using the pages_manage_posts permission. At that time (around 2018), I also wanted to use the user_friends API, but I gave up on it since it required business verification.

Today I received an email that says the following:

Your app currently has access to one or more privileges that require business verification, but this app is not currently associated with a verified business. If you do not associate your app with a verified business or complete business verification, the app will lose access to the following privileges in 90 days: pages_manage_posts

Do I understand it correctly that without a registered business, I can no longer use the API to programmatically post on my own page? I really hope that I'm wrong, and if I am, please tell me how to do that.

If that's relevant, I'm using PHP by following this guide.

  • Individual Verification instead of Business should do, developers.facebook.com/docs/development/release/… – CBroe yesterday
  • Thanks @CBroe. My Individual Verification Status is already Verified. But still, I got the email I got. Any idea what can be done now to prevent my app from losing access to the privilege in 90 days? – Paul yesterday

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