I have an Oracle table that looks like the following

Region Location $ Amount Date Name
1 Location1 500 2021-01-01 UserA
1 Location1 -500 2021-01-02 UserA
2 Location2 700 2021-01-03 UserB

I want to find and remove the rows where the columns all match except the date is 1 day off and the $ amounts are opposite. In this example I would want to remove rows 1 and 2 because they are opposite $ amounts and only one day off.

Appreciate any help


You can use:

DELETE FROM table_name t
  FROM   table_name x
  WHERE  x.region = t.region
  AND    x.location = t.location
  AND    x.amount = -t.amount
  AND    x."DATE" IN (t."DATE" - 1, t."DATE" + 1)
  AND    x.name = t.name 

Note: DATE is a keyword and you cannot use it for a column name unless you use a quoted identifier.

db<>fiddle here


This does what you describe:

select t.*
from t
where not exists (select 1
                  from t t2
                  where t2.region = t.region and
                        t2.location = t.location and
                        t2.name = t.name and
                        t2.amount = - t.amount and
                        t2.date in (t.date - 1, t.date + 1)

However, you might want to think about how you phrased the problem. What happens if you have 100/-100/100? The logic you describe (and the above query) will remove all three rows. That might be what you intend. If it is not, though, you should ask a new question.

Note: The above removes the rows from a result set. It is easy to modify this for a delete.

  • Thank you for the input. You bring up a good point, I don't think it should be possible with my data but I'll look into it to be sure – Ryan_Chavez Jul 21 at 22:04

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