This is probably a long shot, but is it possible to upload a file from R to a Github repo within the R script? Similar to how you write_csv() if you wanted to save a dataframe locally.

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If it is a dataframe, then you can write the dataframe as a plain text file in the R script. You can do this whether you are using a local directory or a Github repository.

# Using a local directory

root <- "~/myproject" 
write_vc(my_data, file = "rel_path/filename", root = root)
read_vc(file = "rel_path/filename", root = root)
root <- git2r::repository("~/my_git_repo") # git repository

# Using a git repository

repo <- repository("~/my_git_repo")
write_vc(my_data, file = "rel_path/filename", root = repo, stage = TRUE)
commit(repo, "My message")
read_vc(file = "rel_path/filename", root = repo)

You can read more about git2rdata on Github.

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    This looks great. I had not heard of this package and it didn't show up in my searches. Thank you! – Koala 2 days ago

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