I'm working in Julia with DataFrames, and want to filter some Date and DateTime columns. To do that I need the last day of the month previous to month of whenever a data job is run.

For example, if today's date is Date("2021-07-21"), I'd like to obtain 2021-06-30.

I do this in Redshift SQL all the time, which looks like this:

select last_day(current_date - interval '1 month');
│  last_day  │
│ 2021-06-30 │

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Before I remembered to check the Julia standard library Dates, I found some web tutorial that only mentioned the date floor/ceil functions:

using Dates

julia> floor(today(), Month) - Day(1)

julia> typeof(ans)

julia> floor(now(),Month) - Day(1)

This works fine and I don't see how it could fail. However, the always excellent Julia docs describe the dedicated functions for this.

julia> lastdayofmonth(today() - Month(1))

# maybe a leap year would cause a problem
julia> lastdayofmonth(Date("20200331","yyyymmdd") - Month(1))

julia> lastdayofmonth(Date("20200229","yyyymmdd") + Month(1))

There are many useful functions like firstdayofmonth(), dayofweek(), isleapyear(). Looks like everything is in order!

Edit: date arithmetic should be inside the function

Corrected the following error, I subtracted the month after finding the last day, works in postgres but not Julia Dates:

# WRONG, works only if prior month is shorter
lastdayofmonth(today()) - Month(1)

lastdayofmonth(Date("20210228", "yyyymmdd")) - Month(1)
  • 1
    Shouldn't it be lastdayofmonth(today() - Month(1))? Notice the parenthesis at the end. See the result of, for example, lastdayofmonth(Date("20200624", "yyyymmdd")) - Month(1)
    – hckr
    Jul 22, 2021 at 9:45
  • ah! Thank you @hckr you are right again. Editing solution.
    – Merlin
    Jul 22, 2021 at 16:43

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