I'm trying to fill a text input of email address in signup live
I got the input element and set its value to whatever I need by:
document.getElementById("MemberName").value = "randommail232@hotmail.com"
the input was actually filled but when I press "Next" to continue, it says "An email address is required" as the input field was empty.
How can I fix this?

P.S: after some hours of trying I guess its because there is no keyboard button press event, but I'm not sure about that and a simulation of keyboard key press isn't working for me.

  • Why you need that? instead of insert value you need to write letter only first part without @ – Simone Rossaini Jul 22 at 5:54
  • Did you try sending input and change events? – CherryDT Jul 22 at 5:55

You can try triggering change event manually -

var el = document.getElementById("MemberName");
el.value = "randommail232@hotmail.com";
el.dispatchEvent(new Event('change'));

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