I have a dataframe with dates in the index and another column with values for those dates.

My index is currently in datetime type and reads YYYY-dd-mm, I would like it to read as YYYY-mm-dd

After having searched for an answer, it will get changed to a str and I will have to change it back. Trouble is, I have not seen anyone do this for when the column is an index.

i.e. I have tried df["Date"].dt.strftime('%Y%m%d') but this does not work as "Date" is not a column rather it is an index

Thank you

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a format yyyy-dd-mm means that the data type is string; you can parse to datetime and set index like

import pandas as pd
# dummy example
df = pd.DataFrame({'v': [1,2]}, index=['2020-13-02', '2020-14-02'])

df = df.set_index(pd.to_datetime(df.index, format='%Y-%d-%m'))

# now you have:
# df
#             v
# 2020-02-13  1
# 2020-02-14  2

note that this will give you a datetime index. if you want string, use

df = df.set_index(pd.to_datetime(df.index, format='%Y-%d-%m').strftime("%Y-%m-%d"))

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