I have 2 forms that I wanna to submit them with one button in spring mvc

jsp page:

        <form:form id="form1"   method="POST"  modelAttribute="employee" >

        <th>Employee </th></tr>


       <td>Employee ID</td>
       <td><form:input type="number" path="emp_id"/></td>

       <td>Employee Name</td>
       <td><form:input type="text"   path="name"/></td>

       <td><form:label type="text"  path="designation"> </form:label></td>
       <form:select type="text" path="designation">
       <form:option value="select" label="Select"/>
       <form:option value="Developer" label="Developer"/>
       <form:option value="Tester" label="Tester"/>

      <td><form:label   path="location"/></td>
      <form:select type="text"  path="location">
      <form:option value="select" label="select"/>
      <form:option value="Bangalore" label="Bangalore"/>
      <form:option value="Mysore" label="Mysore"/>

      <td>Employee Type</td>
      <td><form:label type="text"  path="employee_type"> </form:label></td>
      <form:select type="text"  path="employee_type">
      <form:option value="select" label="select"/>
      <form:option value="Permanent" label="Permanent"/>
      <form:option value="Contract" label="Contract"/>

      <td><form:hidden  path="${id}"/></tr>

      <form:form id="form2"   method="POST"  modelAttribute="dailyreportAttribute" >

       <th>Daily Report</th>

       <td><form:input name="date"   path="date"  /></td>

       <td>Task Type</td>
       <td><form:label path="task_type"> </form:label></td>
       <form:select type="text" path="task_type">
      <form:option value="select" label="select"/>
      <form:option value="Technical" label="Technical"/>
      <form:option value="Non-Technical" label="Non-Technical"/>

      <td><form:input type="text"   path="description"/></td>
      <td><form:hidden path="${emp_id}"/>


    <button class="button button-gray" onclick="submitform()"><span class="accept"> 
     submitform = function(){
    setTimeOut(function() {
    }, 5000);

I'm trying to submit 2 forms with one submit button. The first table is getting inserted correctly.. but, the second table is getting created but giving the null value. I tried lot. I can't identify where I have done the mistake.

Can anybody help me?

  • You need to use JS to call HTMLFormElement.submit() on the other form when the click event fires on the button.
    – Spectric
    Jul 22 at 20:46
  • any submit do a page load... (or reload) Jul 22 at 21:08
  • @ Spectric but it's not working...same issue only
    – Jeena
    Jul 23 at 5:40

You cannot simply submit two forms one by one as it will reload page on submit. Submit one by ajax and in its success callback submit the second form.

In your submit function add something like this.

var data = { EmployeId: EmpId, EmployeName: EmpName.....all other data };

    cache: false,
    data: data,
    url: "Your post url",
    type: "POST",
    success: function (data) {
        //post second form here
    error: function(err){
        //If this comes here then there is some issue in ajax request you can examine by checking data in err

You can get values of input fields in jquery or javascript.

  • how can i do with ajax..can u give me an example?? beacause i'm a beginer
    – Jeena
    Jul 23 at 4:06
  • 1
    I have edited my answer, please check that and if it helps you please upvote it, Thanks Jul 23 at 6:49
  • its not working
    – Jeena
    Jul 24 at 15:29
  • i'm confused about where i have to set the submit button also
    – Jeena
    Jul 24 at 15:30
  • If you can show us your code may be we can help better, what all you have done so far and how you are calling ajax and second form post. What is not working, what error it is returning etc. Jul 25 at 23:24

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