In my Delphi 10 application i use tidIMAP4 to retrieve eMails with this (a portion of the) code

with IMAP4 do begin
case kind of
  1  : MsgBox := 'INBOX';
  10 : MsgBox := '[Gmail]/Sent Mail';//for GMail
  2  : MsgBox := '[Gmail]/Bin/Deleted Items';//for GMail
  3  : MsgBox := '[Gmail]/Spam';//for GMail

SetLength(SearchInfo, 1);
SearchInfo[0].Date := date-1;
SearchInfo[0].SearchKey := skSince; 

if SearchMailBox(SearchInfo)
and (High(MailBox.SearchResult) > -1) then
                msgs := High(MailBox.SearchResult)+1;

I can find the mailboxes of the server with this code

var st : TstringList := TstringList.Create;

so i can know the folder names that i must put in the SelectMailBox(MsgBox) function when i know the IMAP4 server a priori.

But i want a consistent way to know them for every server (yahoo, user's server etc)

Something like SelectMailBox('deleted') or similar. Is this possible ?

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    Some servers support some subset of Special Use extensions (RFC 6154), in which case the LIST may return attribute \Trash. Sometimes it may require a special parameter. And not all servers support it. Traditionally this was done by looking through the List response for a bunch of common names (Trash, Deleted, etc.). I have no idea how to access this through Delphi.
    – Max
    Jul 23 at 20:38
  • @Max. Thanks. I am thinking of presenting to the user the list of server folders and asking him to choose who will be assigned to each function. Is this practical?
    – JimPapas
    Jul 23 at 20:59
  • The "Special Use" extension should be used when available by a server (check with TIdIMAP4.IsCapabilityListed('SPECIAL-USE')). However, TIdIMAP4 does not currently support that extension: github.com/IndySockets/Indy/issues/155 Jul 23 at 21:43
  • @max. Finally i used the solution you proposed ("by looking through the List response for a bunch of common names"). It solves my problem. Maybe you must post as an answer to upvote
    – jim
    Jul 24 at 19:52

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