My original idea is to write a python version of this MATLAB function cmp2pal. I want to use python's colormap and transform it into pal files which can be used in origin and I don't want to open my matlab. The function's most important part is the following:

    %% Open file
        throw(MException('cmap2pal:Open','Error opening file (%s) for writing',path));

    %% Write RIFF signature
    %% Write file length
    fwrite(fid,flen-8,'uint32',0,mf);                               % 8 byte header (RIFF header)
    %% Write PAL signature
    fwrite(fid,'PAL ','uint8',0,mf);
    %% Write data signature
    %% Write data block size
    fwrite(fid,flen-20,'uint32',0,mf);                              % 20 byte header (RIFF + Chunk)
    %% Write version number
    fwrite(fid,[0,3],'uint8',0,mf);                                 % Always 3
    %% Write palette length
    %% Write palette data
    fwrite(fid,[cmap.*255,zeros(depth,1)]','uint8',0,mf);           % RGBA tuples
    %% Close file

I searched for the solution but I still don't understand how the char or string can be saved as binary format (unsigned integer with precision). Can anyone give me the correct python version of this function? I used the struct module but there are errors:

# %%
import struct
newFileBytes = 'RIFF'
# make file
newFile = open("testpython.txt", "wb")
# write to file
# newFile.write(newFileBytes)

newFile.write(struct.pack('4B', *newFileBytes))
# %%

the error message

----> 10 newFile.write(struct.pack('4B', *newFileBytes))

error: required argument is not an integer
  • 1
    what is in newFileBytes ? And why do you use * ?
    – furas
    Jul 24, 2021 at 5:01

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You have string

newFileBytes = 'RIFF'

but you need bytes

newFileBytes = b'RIFF'

And then it will work

struct.pack('4B', *newFileBytes)

But if you have bytes then you can write it directly to file


If you want to keep it as string then use encode to get bytes

newFileBytes = 'RIFF'.encode()

newFile.write( 'RIFF'.encode() )

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