I've been using pyenv for a long time, without any troubles. I set up it properly and everything worked.

However, while I was trying to solve another problem, I run some line which ruined my pyenv instalation.

Now, when I activate any virtualenv, it tries to use system's python instead of pyenv's:

$ pyenv activate foo
(foo) $ which python 
(foo) $ pip --version
pip 20.3.4 from /home/rodrigo/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pip (python 2.7)

I'm not sure exactly which line was the one that ruined it, it may be the following: (foo) $ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel from the foo environment (I run it when it still worked), but may be another.

I already checked ~/.bashrc file and it is ok; restarted the console and even changed to a different environment foo2 and the problem is still there...

I already checked similar questions like this or this, but those are related to miss-configurations which I already tested and are ok.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and pyenv 2.0.3-8-gad880754

UPDATE I re-installed pyenv but it still doesn't work

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I got it to work by changing ~/.zshrc:


eval "$(pyenv init -)"


eval "$(pyenv init --path)"

and start a new shell.

Seems like this was a change that was introduced in 2.0.

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    awesome. This fixed the problem for me Commented Apr 26, 2022 at 16:08
  • I keep getting Failed to activate virtualenv. Perhaps pyenv-virtualenv has not been loaded into your shell properly. Please restart current shell and try again. with this change.
    – dhanshreeA
    Commented Oct 9, 2022 at 20:12
  • This error suggests that pyenv-virtualenv might not have been correctly loaded into your shell.
    – FuQiang
    Commented Sep 8, 2023 at 9:18
  • To resolve this, follow these steps
    – FuQiang
    Commented Sep 8, 2023 at 9:19
  • 1
    eval "$(pyenv virtualenv-init -)”
    – FuQiang
    Commented Sep 8, 2023 at 9:19

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