In my app (Windows 10, Delphi 10.4) I use TIdIMAP4 to search a mailbox for new emails, like this:

SetLength(SearchInfo, 1);
SearchInfo[0].Date := lastReceivedMessageDateTime+1/86400;// one second after the last received mail
SearchInfo[0].SearchKey := skSentSince; //skSince; 
   if SearchMailBox(SearchInfo)
   and (High(MailBox.SearchResult) > -1) then
      msgs := High(MailBox.SearchResult)+1;

But I see that it returns all the mails of the starting day, ignoring the time of this day. What am I missing?

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    You’re missing that the IMAP search language only specifies search times in days, and has no support for times. See RFC 3501 for details. It would be better to search by UIDs.
    – Max
    Jul 24 at 20:17
  • @Max. Do you mean searching for UIDs > lastUID ?
    – jim
    Jul 24 at 21:16

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