I can't reproduce it, but I have gotten the above error message twice since upgrading to the new 10.4.2 community edition. Once was when I upgraded a project from 10.3.3 CE, and another time was after I added a new VCL frame unit.


Somehow the IDE is adding a bogus empty <DesignClass/> line in the .dproj file. Open the .dproj file in a text editor and removed the offending line from the <ItemGroup> section.

Proper DesignClass lines look like this: <DesignClass>TFrame</DesignClass> - do not remove them!


This is problem with the parser in Delphi. Please write to Embarcadero support.

  • Good suggestion, however I have the CE edition which means no support!
    – David Hawk
    Sep 12 at 16:34

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