I just wonder whether

if (str1 = str2) then

perform a case sensitive or insentisive comparision. I search on google but only find this Difference between CompareStr and '=' for Strings in Delphi

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    You know you can do a simple test to get the answer, right?
    – Olivier
    Jul 26 at 6:40
  • @Olivier, Thank you very much for your advice. I just forget to write a code to test it. I just try to find the help document and online article but cannot find any.
    – alancc
    Jul 26 at 8:06

Help tells us:

Strings are compared according to the ordinal values that make up the characters that make up the string.

'A' and 'a' are different symbols, with different ordinal values, so comparison is case-sensitive, of course.

There are special functions like CompareText for insensitive comparisons. Note that case-insensitivity is especially emphasized in descriptions.


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