Let's have, say, package with child package(s):

-- a.ads
package A is
end A;

-- a-b.ads
package A.B is
end A.B;

Now I want to rename A to X:

-- x.ads
package X renames A;

The question one is: will a child package A.B be accessible as being renamed to X.B too?

-- test.adb
with X.B; -- Is it ok? Why?

The question two is: is it legal to make a child of a renamed package, say X.C?

It looks like in GNAT it is renamed, but is it standard behaviour? Some reading of a 2005 and 2012 LRM doesn't clear that for me. Can you please point me to sections in LRM answering my questions?

  • Renaming the child package sounds like a gift from the IDE and not the language. It certainly would not happen if one uses the Vim editor.
    – Jim Rogers
    Jul 26 at 21:50
  • @JimRogers I'm not about editing of a source code but about Ada's renames clause. It makes package (variable, subprogram) accessible under defferent name. And I do not use IDE, I use nano and mc, pretty minimalistic.
    – Vovanium
    Jul 27 at 8:09
  • I found answer to my second question: Ada 2012 LRM 10.1.1 15/2 explicitly forbids this...
    – Vovanium
    Jul 27 at 14:01

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