This is a "continuation" from this post: How do I handle this data type

So now I have to print a "table" of numbers according to Numbers type in this format:

Positive Numbers:




Negative Numbers:



Null Numbers:



So I made this function:

printNum :: Numbers -> String
printNum (Numbers po ne nn)=  "Positive Numbers: \n " ++ numP po ++
                              " \n Negative Numbers: \n " ++ numN ne ++
                              " \n Null Numbers: \n " ++ numZ nn
      numP (p:ps) = show p ++ " \n " ++ numP ps
      numP [] = []
      numN (n:ns) = show n ++ " \n " ++ numN ns
      numN [] = []
      numZ (z:zs) = show z ++ " \n " ++ numZ zs
      numZ [] = []

But the function is printing like this: "Positive Numbers: \n 1 \n 4 \n 16 \n \n Negative Numbers: \n -3 \n -69 \n \n Null Numbers: \n 0 \n 0 \n "

  • Please share your main, or the place where you print the outcome of printNum. Jul 26 at 20:17
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    If you call a function in GHCi it prints the result using the 'Show' instance. For strings this gives the escaped version of the string. Try using 'putStrLn' to output the result. Jul 26 at 20:23
  • @WillemVanOnsem I don't have a main yet, here's how I'm doing it on the GHCi: > let numex = numList [1,-3,4,0,-69,0,8] > printNum numex Jul 26 at 20:33
  • @CarlosMelo: it will print the string as a string literal, if you use putStrLn (printNum numex), it will print the content of the string. Jul 26 at 20:35
  • @PaulJohnson Yes I'm using the GHCi. I tried using putStrLn but it gave me an error. How would you implement it? Jul 26 at 20:35

In GHCi, if you enter an expresssion it will evaluate that expression, and if the outcome type is not unit (()), it will print to use show to present the result of that expression. For a String, it will thus write a String literal to present this.

You can work with putStrLn :: String -> IO () to print the content of the string, not as a string literal, so:

putStrLn (printNum numex)
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    Ahh I understand it now, I wanted to use putStrLn but then I would have to chage my function to printNum :: Numbers -> IO () Jul 26 at 20:42

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