I need to make an animation with the following requirements:

  1. Models a continuous stream of data. I do not just have some file and thats all the data there is. I will be receiving continuous input from some sensors and need to create an animation that handles that continuous input. So any options that export a .mp4 or anything like that go out the window. I need something that can handle a loop like "read from sensor, update plot, read from sensor again, ...".

  2. The animation is quite simple. An fps counter in one corner (possibly with a bit more info than just fps, so lets say some debug text in one corner), a black background with a gray grid, and colored rectangles moving from one side to the other. The problem arises when there are very many rectangles (a few hundred).

I have already used matplotlib with blitting, and it handles up to 100 such rectangles at a decent 30-32 FPS. I'd prefer not to go below that, and maybe get a bit of a "buffer" so that when the program is run on a weaker machine the FPS doesn't go from 30 to 15, but instead maybe from 50 to 30.

I am wondering if there is an animation library that is both simple to use (I'd rather not go digging up an OpenGL manual and delay the actual project by a month) and can handle more massive animations.

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