I am trying with ffmpeg to detect the use of a virtual background on a video, like the ones used in Google Meet. I got some ideas, but none seem to work:

  • Egde color: When using a chroma key you can get shades of green/blue on the outline of the subject. This is called spill, and can be detectable, but gets discarded by the fact that you dont need a chroma key to fake a background (example: Google Meet).
  • Still image: Most of virtual backgrounds are a still image pasted behind the subject. The problem with detecting this is that most of the real backgrounds also are like still images, without much movement.
  • Blur: When faking a background without a chroma key the outline of the subject becomes very blurry (this is more noticeable when the subject moves), but I can't find a way to detect it using ffmpeg.

How can I do this? I'm open to trying other tecniques such as AI.

Thanks in advance.

  • Well how do YOU know when you're looking at a virtual background? Think about what clues you get and then write a code to look for same clues. Also look into image paste forgery detection for techniques on detecting some "pasted in" pixels (that do not match Histogram or Frequency of surrounding pixels)...
    – VC.One
    Jul 28 at 16:04

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