I have a TrainingProgram which has a collection of TrainingTargets. I'm wanting to track changes to the collection items so I can raise an event for subsequent business logic (notifications, etc.), but I don't want those events being triggered while EF fills the objects.

public class TrainingProgram {  
    // when items in this list change or are added to, fire an event
    public List<TrainingTarget> Targets { get; set; }

An ObservableCollection seems to be ideal as I can track all changes to the objects in the list and raise events on them. However, this should only happen after EF has filled the object.

I've also looked at a ReadonlyCollection with dedicated Add and Update methods in the TrainingProgram, but then I wouldn't be able to fill the collection "naturally" via EF.

Additionally, there's a solution here which suggests using a protected virtual collection and exposing it publicly via IEnumerable wrapper, but then I lose some of my linq capabilities (particularly in how it translates to db queries).

Is there any way to have a domain model set up like this that EF/Linq can use "naturally" while tracking changes to objects in the collection?

  • Which notifications you want to suppress? What do you mean by "filling the object"? Btw, the link you are referring to is quite old and is for "classic" EF. EF Core does not require navigation property to be ICollection<T>, IEnumerable<T> is enough, as well as any derived interface or class implementing it, and you don't lose db translation.
    – Ivan Stoev
    Jul 30 at 4:28

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