1. I decided to use python for my thesis
  2. I started my project while simultaneously studying about python and django
  3. I've added a lot of contents, models, and apps in my project, and I just now realized that I need to create a Content Management System, and somebody told me to use Django Rest Framework.
  4. I started searching on how to use it, and everything that I saw installed it before creating the project, and it might be too late for me because I might have a lot of errors that I might not be able to trace.(or maybe django rest framework should really be installed before starting)
  5. Can someone tell me if its possible to just install it? Or a hint/tip for alternatives? I only have less than 2 weeks left before my defense. Thank you for the help and understanding, Im new sorry

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Yes, you can still install it mid project. Just make sure to add it to your 'INSTALLED_APPS' list in your project settings file.

// settings.py

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