I have a TStringGrid, that has a TPopupMenu connected. By clicking one event of the popup menu, I would like to get the calling component. Is that possible?

Background: It is a bigger project, every form has a "BasicForm" I can inherited from. So I would like to provide a "default popup menu" for grids that have stuff like Copy, Select, and so on in it. In the inherited form I only match the grid (if exists) with that popup and I'm done.


Seems you are looking for the PopupComponent property of TPopupMenu: Vcl.Menus.TPopupMenu.PopupComponent

Indicates the component that last displayed the popup menu in response to a right mouse click.

Read PopupComponent to determine which control is currently using the popup menu. In applications where multiple controls share the same pop-up menu, use PopupComponent to determine which of them displayed the menu.

Set PopupComponent to associate a control with the menu before calling the Popup method programmatically to bring up the pop-up menu.

  • brilliant. I don't know why I don't get it. With that code you get the class from a first Level Item in the PopUp: showmessage( TPopupMenu(TMenuItem(sender).GetParentComponent).PopupComponent.ClassName) ; By the way I use Firmonkey application and it works too.
    – fisi-pjm
    Jul 29 at 8:53
  • 2
    FMX should be mentioned somewhere. Otherwise everyone assumes VCL.
    – Uwe Raabe
    Jul 29 at 10:32
  • Especially since the question is tagged VCL and not Firemonkey Jul 29 at 14:58
  • To be fair, the VCL and Firemonkey tags were applied later.
    – Uwe Raabe
    Jul 29 at 15:17

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