After updating to Android Studio Arctic Fox, I cannot choose any of my installed themes. Invalid cache and restart didn't help ;) Also reinstalling themes still not solving this problem.

I updated AS 4.2 to Arctic Fox using Toolbox on the stable channel. I'm on win 10.

Maybe someone has an idea how to solve this issue?

What I can choose:

enter image description here

What I have installed:

enter image description here

  • I have the same problem, so I tried installing the light theme manually. It just shows this error. I guess we have to wait for it to be updated?
    – A_Jayke
    Jul 29 at 11:38
  • I was using canary and then beta version of AS Arctic Fox on other instances and hadn't such a problem. And cyan and purple are under the JetBrains brand.. Finger cross🤞 Jul 29 at 12:00
  • Here is the Solution stackoverflow.com/a/68599712/5773037 Jul 31 at 6:55
  • Was fixed in Arctic Fox 2020.3.1 Patch 1
    – merive_
    Aug 19 at 18:53

Follow Simple Steps to Fix this

  1. Rename the {path-of-android-studio}/lib/gson-2.7.jar file to gson-2.7.jar.disabled.
  2. Restart Studio.

where {path-of-android-studio} is by default C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio on Windows and /Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents on Mac.

The fix will be included in the next minor release of the 2020.3.1 Arctic Fox.

Found From issue-tracker

  • 1
    and if you are using toolbox than path is defined in Toolbox > Settings > Tools > Tools installation location Aug 2 at 9:20
  • 2
    How can we edit this thing in Linux(specifically ubuntu)? As snaps are not editable in ubuntu
    – Varun Jain
    Aug 2 at 17:39
  • 2
    Arctic Fox is definitely one of the buggiest updates they have released in a while. Aug 4 at 8:14
  • @BitwiseDEVS it works for me and another 48+ persons. Aug 23 at 4:01
  • May I know the version of Material theme you got? @NikunjParadva Aug 23 at 6:32

The bug still persists in release 2020.3.1 as highlighted here.

Renaming the gson-2.7.jar file works like a charm.


The issue is fixed and will be included in the next minor release.


Yes for me too, Auto completion or suggestions not showing in my compose project.


The issue still has not been fixed in 2020.3.1 Arctic Fox :(. For people using linux, If you have installed the flatpak version of android studio you can find the file in the below directory,


you don't have to go all the way to the end. Once you get to /home/void/.local/share/flatpak/app/com.google.AndroidStudio

search "gson" and the right file will come up in a second.

Unfortunately for people who used snap package to install (i honestly don't why still people use snap packages) there is no way to edit the file.


I had this issue even in 2020.3.1, I resolved this issue by simply deleting all the contents in .idea folder from my project. And updated my project kotlin version to 1.5.0.


For Arctic Fox 2020.3.1:

Check for new updates and update. It will be updated to 2020.3.1 Patch 1 it will solve the issue.

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