In FMX Delphi app, after I click on a button and open an InputBox, how can I show a numeric keyboard only (not alphanumeric)?

InputBox('Input Box', 'Prompt', 'Default string');
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    In property KeybordType select e.g. NumberPad Jul 29 at 15:33
  • @TomBrunberg Is it possible set property to InputBox('Input Box', 'Prompt', 'Default string'); On button click I open above inputBox need only numeric keyboard.
    – Pointer
    Jul 29 at 15:34
  • Sorry, I misread your original question and thought you referred to an edit control with inputbox. It seems the InputBox() doesn't provide any means to define the keyboard to use. Jul 29 at 16:36
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    InputBox() is for string input, not numeric input. So no, there is no way to make it display the numeric keyboard. You will have to create your own dialog if you want that. Jul 29 at 17:43

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