I have (found) a python script whose purpose is to click a certain button on a certain web page. This is the script:

from selenium import webdriver
from webdriver_manager.chrome import ChromeDriverManager

driver = webdriver.Chrome(ChromeDriverManager().install())
url = "https://url"
button = driver.find_element_by_class_name("name-of-the-button")

As I understand, "class name" is the name of the button. My question is how do I know the class name of the specific button on that specific website? What's the proper way to get this information from?

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    View the page in a browser. If you're using Chrome, right-click the element you're interested in, and select "inspect" from the drop-down. This will open the Chrome developer tools, with a view of the DOM structure. Most modern browsers support similar features.
    – Paul M.
    Jul 29, 2021 at 19:45

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What you're looking for is called the developer tools. If you're using Chrome, here's a good tutorial. Most browsers have a very similar layout.

Essentialy you want to hit F12 to open up the developer tools, hit CTRL+SHIFT+C and click the button you want. On the right, the button source code should be highlighted, and you should be able to see a class= attribute.

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