We need to release our app on a specific date. I'm worried that after I publish the app, it might take several days to get through review process.

  • I have turned on managed publishing on. (But haven't seen any option to set a date)
  • The app status is "Closed Testing"
  • The update status is blank.

When I create a new production release and choose one of the bundles that I have used for an internal test, I am able to review the release and see the "Start Rollout to production" button. Does that mean if I press that button, it will go live and be able to be downloaded pretty much straight away? Or will it then go to be reviewed and potentially take a week or more to get through review? I don't want to accidentally release it early but I also don't want to ruin the app launch by having the app in review on the launch date.

Thanks for any help.


If you have Managed Publishing turned on, clicking Start Rollout to production will not release the app right away.

Play Console screenshot

When app review is completed, you'll be able to release it from the Publishing overview tab:

Play Console screenshot

  • Thanks. I've clicked rollout and it's now in review. I'll award bounty once I can. I might wait until I see the whole process through. Many thanks.
    – Dittimon
    Aug 2 at 23:21

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