I apologize, but I'm a little confused. I was wondering what the simplest way to render an HTML string to an HWND is. This question/answer suggests that all you need is CLSID_HTMLDocument. But does that suffice for rendering? I would have thought that to render, you'd also need CLSID_WebBrowser. Any clarification is greatly appreciated.


It can be done either way, it is a matter of how much of OLE/ActiveX your client implements.

Personally I prefer using CLSID_HTMLDocument and then requesting the window as needed but I was implementing the OLE support rather than relying on an existing framework so your mileage may vary. I suspect with an existing very complete framework the CLSID_WebBrowser route may well be easier.

  • Thanks. Can you explain how to obtain the window from CLSID_HTMLDocument? Jul 30 at 18:53
  • Get the ParentWindow property (by calling get_ParentWindow when using c++) Jul 30 at 19:49

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