I would like to give a dofollow link on my wordpress blog, which leads the readers to another page.

For this I have tried to simply deposit the link normally. This did not work.

In the frontend it looked like this: rel="noopener nofollow external noreferrer".

Then I tried a dofollow link with the attribute rel="dofollow". In the frontend it looked like this: rel="dofollow noopener nofollow external noreferrer".


This is a security measure when target="_blank" is used (external linking). Natively as soon as you remove target="_blank" the default behaviour is to "follow".

Strictly speaking, a dofollow link isn’t a thing. dofollow is simply the default state for a link. Said another way, any link without the nofollow attribute is a dofollow link.

You can refer to @ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Link_types for more informations regarding link types.

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Are you using Gutenberg? you should be able to control some behaviour straight from the publishing section. If you disable Open in a new tab it should remove any link type restrictions.

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