system:Mac OS software:AnyLogic 8 Personal Learning Edition 8.7.6 language: Java

When I run my model, the console print this info:

Warning: the fonts "Times" and "Times" are not available for the Java logical font "Serif", which may have unexpected appearance or behavior. Re-enable the "Times" font to remove this warning.


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We also recently had this issue on a mac running the latest public beta of Monterey.

For some reason the Times font was no longer installed or active on the Mac.

You can check in FontBook

enter image description here

You can simply reinstall it

I struggled to find a source online - her is one suggestion - https://www.freebestfonts.com/timr45w-font

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    Yep - I seem to have been hit by this generating Asciidoctor documents, since upgrading to Monterey (not beta). Adding the Times font as you mention seems to have resolved it.
    – Steve
    Nov 9, 2021 at 14:30
  • Had the same problem, worked for me, too. Thanks!
    – BNetz
    Jan 30 at 21:54
  • Also had this problem with PlantUML, this fixed it.
    – Ricardo
    Aug 29 at 12:17

Just ran into this problem myself on OSX Monterey. Resolved it by upgrading to the latest version of Azul Zulu OpenJDK 15, which no longer has the dependency on the discontinued Times font (I think it uses the very similar Times New Roman instead).


To install an OSX legacy font, such as Courier or Times, do the following:

Go to your system's font folder: /System/Library/Fonts.

Find the font you want with the TTC extension.

Drag it to Font Book and authorize its installation with your administration password.

It should now be in the ~/Library/Fonts folder.

Open Transfonter in your browser [https://transfonter.org/].

Select Unpack TTC and Upload.

Navigate to the *.ttc file you want and open it.

When conversion is complete, download the ZIP archive file and open it.

Drag all the *.ttf fonts into Font Book and install, using your administration password.

It will now be found as an active font in "All Fonts."

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