My application get data in Firebird database with FDQuery:


  LQry.sql.Add('SELECT * FROM VENDA');

And add this data in clientdataset:

while not LQry.Eof do
 cdsVendasid.AsString := LQry.FieldByName('ID').AsString;

I know if connect fdquery > dataProvider > clientDataSet, works better, but my clientdataset is not created in runtime, because I need some properties (Display label fields) and more fields in addition my query.

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    Infinite loops always take a lot of time. Missing a LQry.next; in the code you posted.
    – Brian
    Aug 2 at 1:58
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    It would be better to use a simple sql query to do what your infinite loop is trying to do - insert into vendas (id) select id from venda. Aug 2 at 4:47
  • I fix my question. My original code have this 'LQry.Next;'. Thats not the problem.
    – Rene Sá
    Aug 2 at 10:59
  • Do you have DBGrids (or any other db-aware controls) connected to one or both datasets? If so, do you use DisableControls & EnableControls? If not, you should ...
    – MartynA
    Aug 2 at 11:25
  • @ReneSá and how many fields does you "real code" have ? Do you understand that FieldByName('ID') is rather slow function? String comparison with uppercasing + linear search through array, it is quadratic scaling (w.r.t. fields number and average name lenght). Make caching TField variables and call all FieldByName functions only once before the loop. Aug 2 at 13:21

Disable logchanges may improve performance.

cdsVendas.logchanges :=false

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