I am trying to set up Spline in Azure Databricks but facing this issue, any help regarding this?

<console>:6: error: identifier expected but double literal found.
     --packages za.co.absa.spline.agent.spark:spark-3.0-spline-agent-bundle_2.12:0.6.1 \

I have installed the corresponding Spark agent in the cluster by downloading from here - https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/za.co.absa.spline.agent.spark/spark-3.0-spline-agent-bundle_2.12/0.6.1


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This is because you are trying to execute a shell command as a Scala code snippet.

Please follow this guide explaining how to setup and use Spline on the Databricks - https://github.com/AbsaOSS/spline-getting-started/tree/main/spline-on-databricks

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