I'm having this problem when trying to run react native app on ios emulator. I literally just created the project running npx react-native init app_test and when I run npx react-native run-ios I got this error.

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I'm not installing dependencies or pods or anything. Just running yarn start when the app init is done and trying to run the emulator. Any suggestion by any chance plz?

Error in console: error: node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Image/ImageAnalyticsTagContext.js: Property body[6] of BlockStatement expected node to be of a type ["Statement"] but instead got "AssignmentExpression"


You may want to check this solution out: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/31960#issuecomment-893176992.

It seems there is a problem with @babel/plugin-transform-react-display-name@7.15.0 which has been released along with @babel/core@7.15.0 a couple of hours ago.

  • downgrade to last minor version is still not working. Aug 6 at 2:29
  • Run npm install or yarn again and reset your Metro cache with npx react-native react-native start --reset-cache. Aug 7 at 4:18

You may want to resolve the warnings after running 'yarn' or 'npm install'.

One of the relevant warnings is

warning "react-native > react-native-codegen > jscodeshift@0.11.0" has unmet peer dependency "@babel/preset-env@^7.1.6".

I was able to resolve this issue by running:

yarn add @babel/preset-env@^7.1.6 -D

Edit: Spoke too soon. That did not resolve the issue.


I found a solution:

Download the @babel folder from here and replace the existing folder in node_modules and it works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-z_4H_z4x075unZqZD41WYUwY_hsrKox/view


"resolutions": { "@babel/plugin-transform-react-display-name": "7.14.5" } add this in your package.json, and use yarn


I figured it out, for people who are starting react-native as me, I'll explain what I did with detail. (I'm using Window10)

I did almost everything in StackOverflow to solve my problem. As you can see in many answers this problem is caused by babel.

I bet you download "yarn" while set up, you need to remove and re-download babel using yarn. So, you need to put this below in your project root dir cmd
$ yarn remove babel-preset-react-native
$ yarn add babel-preset-react-native@2.1.0

But for me, this caused problem Bug: Yarn fails to install (Exit code: 128). So, I had to remove yarn and re-download using below

So I had to clean my cache to remove and re-downlaod yarn.lock using
$ yarn cache clean
$ del yarn.lock
(I didn't use this but maybe you need to erase node_modules file as well)
$ yarn

Then, I put below in my project's package.json below the "jest"
"resolutions": { "@babel/plugin-transform-react-display-name": "7.14.5" }

For last, run my project using below.
$ react-native run-android

Hope this work for you as well it did for me.

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