Has anyone built a "universal" string class for C++Builder that manages all of the conversions to/from ascii and unicode?

I had a vision of a class that would accept AnsiString, UnicodeString, WideString, char*, wchar_t*, std::string, and variant values, and would provide any of those back out. AND the copy constructor has to do a deep copy, not just provide a pointer to the same buffer space (as AnsiString and UnicodeString do).

I figure someone else besides me must have to pass strings to both old interfaces that use char* and new ones that use (wide) strings. If you have built, or know of, something you're willing to share, please let me know. Most of the time it's not too big a deal, until I have to pass a map<std::string, std::string>, then it starts getting ugly.

We do not, and will not, support any internationalization whatsoever, so I don't need to worry about encoding. I just want a class that will return my little ASCII strings in whatever format makes the compiler happy... sanely.

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    I find String pretty universal - and std::string good for ascii only situations. So what is your problem exactly. Why is std::map<std::string, std::string> ugly? The C++ STL is rarely (if every) ugly in my experience. Can you give an example of what you are trying to do that you feel you can't easily do? Aug 5 at 8:46
  • The RTL string classes know how to convert between each other, so using their various constructors and assignment operators is trivial, and they all support both char* and wchar_t* too. The C++ string classes, not so much, though since you are dealing with only ASCII then it is possible to convert between std::string and std::wstring without too much trouble. But in general, when dealing with standard C++ code then use the C++ string classes, and when dealing with RTL code then use the RTL string classes, and perform conversions between them as needed when crossing library boundaries. Aug 5 at 17:21
  • I only need ascii. VCL, however deals in wide strings. Yes, they convert easily, but I have hundreds of thousands lines of code and keeping track of when I have to switch to ascii-mode sometimes gets a little dicey. And it's cumbersome. You'd think it wouldn't be that big of a deal. But it get's surprisingly ugly at times.
    – Karen Cate
    Aug 5 at 21:57
  • @KarenCate without actual examples of what you consider to be "dicey" or "ugly", we can't really help you make the code better. What percentage of your code deals with the VCL, and what percentage is just standard C++? You should stick with a single string type for as much work as you can do with it, only converting to other string types when absolutely necessary. The VCL's native string type is System::String, which is UnicodeString in CB2009+. Just because you are only dealing with the ASCII subset of Unicode doesn't mean you should ignore Unicode completely. Aug 5 at 22:42

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