I'm working with a C++ application in embarcadero RAD Studio. I'm trying to access my swagger api https://camur3.treffo.se/api/swagger/index.html to fetch information using the RESTClient, RESTRequest and RESTResponse components.

Now the API is authorized with bearer + token. Right now i can get out the token:enter image description here

So i've trying to do a new call to the api from another button

void __fastcall TForm7::B_NewRequestClick(TObject *Sender)

    RESTClient1->BaseURL = "https://camur3.treffo.se/api/users/authenticate/access";
    //Request header + token??

But don't know how to send the token in next request.. Anyone who knows how to do this?


You need to put the token in an Authorization request header, eg:

RESTRequest1->Params->AddHeader(_D("Authorization"), _D("Bearer ") + token);


RESTRequest1->AddParameter(_D("Authorization"), _D("Bearer ") + token, TRESTRequestParameterKind::pkHTTPHEADER);


RESTRequest1->AddAuthParameter(_D("Authorization"), _D("Bearer ") + token, TRESTRequestParameterKind::pkHTTPHEADER);

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