Gradle always get stucked for more than 10 minutes when I build

Here are the logs

+2671 ms] FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
[  +98 ms] * What went wrong:
[   +1 ms] Gradle could not start your build.
[   +3 ms] > Could not create service of type ChecksumService using
[   +7 ms]    > Cannot lock checksums cache (/home/pavan/new_project/android/.gradle/checksums) as
it has already been locked by this process.
  • I suggest running the gradlew clean & flutter clean to clear the possible lock files. Restart the system once, Just in case any process is holding the lock. I have faced this issue only once though. Aug 5 at 14:45

It's probably related to your cache.

If you're using a Windows OS, clear your .lock cache in this directory (search .lock in the directory itself and remove everything with a .lock extension deleted):

C:\Users<your username>.gradle\caches

If you got a Linux: /home/ your username /.gradle/caches

If you've got a Mac: /Users/ your username /.gradle/caches

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