I have a small code as follows:

int main() {
    double d;
    const char* str = "26.50";
    std::from_chars(str, str + strlen(str), d);
    std::cout << d;

This code works as expected with libstdc++, but it fails with the following error in libc++ 12.0.0:

candidate template ignored: requirement '__or_<std::__or_<std::is_same<double, signed char>, std::is_same<double, short>, std::is_same<double, int>, std::is_same<double, long>, std::is_same<double, long long>>, std::__or_<std::is_same<double, unsigned char>, std::is_same<double, unsigned short>, std::is_same<double, unsigned int>, std::is_same<double, unsigned long>, std::is_same<double, unsigned long long>>, std::is_same<char, double>>::value' was not satisfied [with _Tp = double]

Is this a libc++ bug? or am I missing something? I should say that this code works if I change data type from double to int.


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